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Hand-painted Furniture

Each piece is carefully selected based on quality and style. I gladly accept custom orders and can work within any price range. All pieces are unique and will vary slightly from item to item, which gives them their character. Please feel free to contact me with questions and comments.


I specialize in all styles of furniture and try to stay within the era of the piece; However, I can paint anything in any color you can dream of to match your current decor or create an eye-catching accent piece.

Committed to Quality

All of my furniture if picked for their quality and ability to last. Some pieces are fragile due to their age. I will specify approximate age on my site and on the tags when purchased in the store. Please contact me if you have any issues or concerns as I want all of my customers to be happy with my products!

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Exclusively at: Bon Vivant 9 Reed St, Asheville, NC 28803

(828) 582-3555